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New Life Treatment Center

New Life Treatment Center, Woodstock, MN, delivers quality, professional treatment services, helping clients to break the power of chemical dependency and to lead healthy lives, free from alcohol and drugs.

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Project Turnabout

Centers for addiction recovery

When your life, or the life of a loved one, is spiraling out of control, the phone can become the heaviest object on earth. In your heart you know it’s time to call for help. Since 1970, we’ve helped individuals and families in the midst of turmoil rediscover the miraculous joy of living free from addiction.

Facilities in Granite Falls, Marshall, Redwood Falls, Willmar

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Avera Addiction Care Center

The Avera Addiction Care Center, a department of Avera Behavioral Health, has more than 60 years of history as the Upper Midwest’s leader in behavioral health services. Located on the Avera on Louise Health Campus, in Sioux Falls, SD, this 20,000-square-foot residential treatment facility is for adults who wish to address drug or alcohol addiction. A one-of-a-kind care facility for the Upper Midwest, this center’s 28-day voluntary recovery program focuses on addiction treatment.

Adolescents can receive addiction care at our Helmsley Behavioral Health Center, located at the Avera Behavioral Health Hospital.

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Keystone Treatment Center

At Keystone Treatment Center, we believe that alcoholism, substance abuse, and gambling are chronic illnesses that require a comprehensive, individualized continuum of care. We believe recovery is possible for all who follow the treatment recommendations, and that the 12-step philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous provides a sound foundation for that recovery. We are committed to employing adjunct therapies when appropriate to meet the needs of our patients.

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